Thursday, December 24, 2009

White Christmas

How often do we wish for a white Christmas? I think every year as a child you wish for a beautiful coat of snow on the ground to go out and play in! Well.......this year we are getting that childhood wish and then some! My area has a blizzard warning for the first time in almost 30 years! I am sitting here, sporting some awesome Santa Footie PJ's ( thanks Dad!) trying to make sense of this strange Christmas Eve.

1.) This year my husband has to work, for the first time with kids. We had both worked Christmas in the past when we didn't have kids but this year is different, we have had to alter our plans to work with his schedule. This schedule includes him having to be at work at 2am, in a blizzard!
2.) Due to this crazy weather we missed Christmas Eve service. I don't remember ever missing Christmas Eve service, ever! We missed due to hubby's long trek home from work and not really wanting to get the kids out in the nasty weather.
3.) No family on Christmas Eve, this is another first! The weather kept mom, her husband and brother in Lawrence.

So I have spent my evening watching movies and reading books with the kids. Once I got the kids in bed I started cooking. Not that I will be pressed for time tomorrow but more so because I have had all this extra time tonight. So as I have finished my "duties" for tonight I pray for all those working in this weather. I am thankful for those who sacrifice time with their families to do the jobs many don't want to do. I will be nervous as my husband heads out in about an hour to work for 12 hours in this weather and I am glad I am tucked safely away, in my house, wearing these crazy Santa footie PJ's!

Merry Christmas to all and to all a Goodnight!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Pioneer Woman

So my friend Julie and I decided to check out this book signing thing that involved probably one of our favorite people! The Pioneer Woman. I found her blog months ago through another blog, then became a fan on Facebook where Julie found her and became as obsessed as I am! So we hurried down to the Plaza after Julie got off work. It was a rainy, cold night but our spirits were not dampened. We got to our seats about 6:15pm and our wait began!

Then right on time she appeared! She was gracious as she answered all types of questions from people who were there to see her. Everything from her favorite pan, to what homeschooling curriculum she uses. Then after giving away some prizes, which of course I didn't win any, but that is ok because that is not why I was there, she began signing books. It was done by number, Julie and I were numbers 635 and 636! Yes we were in for a long wait, and wait we did. While we waited we watched her wonderful boys play and have fun just as little boys do.

While we waited we got the chance to have her husband, known as the Marlboro Man, sign our books and take a quick picture. He was friendly and gracious! Then we waited some more............finally they called for our group, around 11:00pm!

She was so friendly and welcoming, even at 11:30 pm! She looked beautiful in her dark purple velvet jacket! Thank you so much for coming to Kansas City and giving this stay at home momma a Girls Night Out that was much needed. The t-shirt was a great bonus!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Preschool and Beyond

So another big period of time has passed, I think about writing a lot but get distracted and honestly forget. We have had a lot going on around here that has kept us very busy! Tristan started preschool in August. It is only 2 days a week for 2 and half hours but he is loving it! It is good for mommy too. He is learning a lot and it has been good for his social skills. I love back to school time because it means the kids are in school all day! Makes doing things around town much easier! I then realize that we plan on homeschooling so back to school will have a different meaning to it in a few years. It won't be wrapped around buying new clothes and huge amounts of supplies, it will be a bit more simple. We will be more focused on setting up our school area, buying supplies to keep at home and what wonderful fieldtrips we will be able to take because the kids will be at home. I know this will be a challenge but at this point in our lives we cannot afford private school and we are just not sure we want to send our kids to public school. I have nothing against public school and actually feel the school where our kids would go at this point is really good and all I hear is good things but there is something public schools cannot provide, the spiritual guidance that is so important for our children. So I will taken on this challenge as long as it works for all parties involved.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

So I took a break....

Obviously I haven't posted in a long time. I have been so busy that this has been put on the back burner. I am currently still trying to finish up my Medical Transcription course, it has been a test for me, I don't particulary enjoy the work but it is what will work for now.

There could be lots of changes in store for our family in the coming months. Things that will test our family but in the end should be beneficial for us all. I pray that we are making the right decisions but all we can do is pray that God is leading down the path he intends for us.

So good things, making my life easier right now. I signed up for E-mealz, yes this is something you have to pay for but so far it has been very much worth the $5 a month. It is also a Dave Ramsey supported website. At its simplest it gives me the meal ideas I could never come up with on my own. Also, last weekend I got to go to a diaper swap. This a swap sponsored by a local store Happybottomus. I got some great deals like a BRAND NEW LOOKING Goodmamma for $12, these normally retail for $35! A friend of mine went with me who is due with her first baby girl in November. She had previously asked me about cloth diapering and let me tell you she is jumping in head first! I was so excited that she was grabbing stuff right and left. She walked out of the store with a great variety of diapers to try. My other purchase was a roll of diaper liners. I had been wanting to purchase these for a long time but just never had. These have been awesome! Georgia got a diaper rash and previously I would have to use disposables because of the diaper rash cream I have is not cloth diaper friendly. Since I now have the liners I have been able to continue to use the cloth even though I am using diaper rash cream. The other added bonus, much easier to clean the poopy diapers.

Well, hopefully I can check in more often!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

How Blessed we Really Are...

So during this whole soul searching time in my life I have come to realize how blessed I really am. Though things have been tough I am very blessed in my life. I have been working hard on my marriage, my faith and many other things. Money is tight but it is worth it to be home and raise my children. So during my Thursday morning bible study we did a service project to benefit our local multi-service center. For the first 5 weeks we collected diapers, formula and all things related to baby. Then the last 5 weeks we collected items for birthday bags they hand out to the families so the kids can have a birthday party. I have been in charge of this project and it has been very eye opening!
There are so many things not covered by public assistance that are very needed. One of the things that stuck out was diapers. What happens if the money just isn't there to get diapers for your ask for assistance....what happens when those who provide assistance can't help. This happens quite often at our local service center. When they run low they severely limit the number of diapers someone can get on a given day. Today they were down to one package when we arrived. The family in there at the time got 6 diapers. Now we all know that will not last very long and they can only hope when they run out the service center will have more. Witnessing this is a reminder of how blessed my family and I really are. I have the money to buy diapers and wipes. I don't have to worry about where my next meal will come from. We are able to provide our family with basic hygiene items like soap and toliet paper. Many times we forget what are really needs compared to wants.
So next time you are at the store pick up that extra package of soap, toliet paper, diapers, wipes, non-perishable food item or many other items and donate it to your local food pantry or service center.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

So a little more info...

So every marriage goes through its ups and downs. This happens to be a down time for us...probably the lowest we have ever had. So in hopes of getting us back on track I am doing The Love Dare. For those who saw Fireproof know what I am talking about for those who have not seen it I would suggest it. Yes, some of the acting and action is a bit cheesy but the message is a very good one. The Love Dare is a 40 day dare to improve your marriage. It is intense but I think will be worth it in the end. So I started the dare a few days ago, tomorrow will be day 5 but I decided that wasn't enough, I needed to do a bit more for myself. I have started, what I am calling the 40/140's challenge. While I am completing The Love Dare I am also going to get my weight back into the 140's.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

So I took the dare....

So I took the dare in hopes to make things better. As of day 3.....I see why people quit. No matter what others think, my heart is completely in it. He may not see it now but hopefully in the end he will.

Friday, April 10, 2009

What's holding you back......

So I have fallen off the wagon lately, actually it has been more like the last month and a half. I have been thinking over the last couple of days what exactly has been holding me back. People can come up with all kinds of excuses for why they don't stick to a healthy eating plan or workout plan. So I had to figure out what was holding me back so I could address it. First I think it is some body image issues. I know I am much better off than many but it could be a lot better. I think it finally hit me when I was trying to get ready to go to Phantom of the Opera with hubby. The weather was much cooler than I had hoped it would be so the outfit I was comfortable with wasn't going to work. I stressed for the afternoon about what to wear and was generally unhappy...that was until hubby said something...he told me I was too hard on myself, it had only been 8 months since having Georgia and that I looked so much better than I give myself credit for. We had a great evening...but I really need to keep his comments in mind. I can only loose weight for myself and no one else. Second thing holding me back is a loss. Since the weather started to cool off last fall my sister in law and I had talked about looking forward to Spring so we could walk/run together. We had planned to do a 5K, I was still working on convincing her to run it, but we were going to do it together. the end of February I learned that my sister in law was no longer going to be that. Her and my brother we splitting up. I think this affected me more than I have wanted to admit. We had a very good relationship and she was the closest I had ever had to having a sister. I was hurt and sad. I think I have needed time to heal. Again the lesson learned losing weight and getting healthy has to be about yourself and no one else.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Crazy Weekend/Week

So we have made it to Friday again. It seems as though the week has flown by. Monday my baby boy turned 3, I can't believe it has been three years already. We had a party for him on Sunday. Also on Sunday we had our little girl baptized. The crazy weather on Saturday prevented some family from making it but overall it was a great day. We spent the rest of the week hanging out with the family. My frozen meals really came in handy this week. We used some the meals for quick easy meals! My mom was very impressed! So we have spent the last two days getting back on track and organized again. I getting ready to plan my next cooking day in the next week or two.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Kudos to the Hubby!

So about 6 months ago or so I started the adventure of cloth diapering. It has been a learning process that my husband was not interested in at all. I was fine with that since I am home with the kids most of the time. I do not have much of a "stash" actually I have to do diaper laundry every night right now. I am ok with that because I love the cloth and it is so much better on my daughter's sensitive skin. So last night I pulled the pail out my daughter's room when she went to bed with the intention of starting laundry right away. I got distracted and forgot. By 11pm I was very tired but then realized I didn't have my diapers washing. I was bummed but went to put them in for their first soak. Then surprisingly hubby asked what else needed to be done. He was going to stay up so he offered to finish the diapers for me!! I gave him the instructions and woke up to nice clean diapers. That is a big step for him! He also "changed" a cloth diaper last night. He took the cloth off and put a disposable on for night time. He left the cloth for me to take care of but I was happy with that! I might convert him yet!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Finished the Cooking

So last night hubby gets home from work and really wanted to try the Jamabyla. So an hour later we sat down to eat. The taste was awesome. I think I will use different rice, the rice I used didn't cook as well as I wanted. Overall the dish was really tasty and fairly healthy. It will be on the menu again. I had lots of leftovers too.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Budget Inspirations

So I am not sure where my inspiration started but hubby and I have started to really try to stick to our food budget. It has been a good challenge for us. It has forced me to look at what we have on hand before shopping and really stick to a menu plan. We have also done this in an attempt to eat better, less processed and packaged food, and more homemade food. My friend Emily at Little Home introduced me to menu planning and she inspired me to eat better foods. So my idea I had been thinking about for a couple of weeks was to have a "cooking day" where I made a bunch of freezer friendly meals so I didn't have to cook as much. I am a decent cook and was taught to cook early on in life but honestly I don't enjoy it that much. Cooking is one of those things that is part of my job now. Then a couple of weeks ago our church announced it was going to host a cost saving workshop led by my friend Emily and her Husband. So I got really inspired to do my "cooking day."

This week I have been looking for good, freezer friendly meals that were fairly simple to cook, ie simple ingredients. I found the website Recipezaar which had a lot of ideas. I saved a bunch to the cookbook option on the website, had hubby pick a few he wanted to try. I then used the grocery shopping list option, checked my pantry for the items I already had on hand and finished my list. I had five recipes I was going to make: Sangria Chicken, Baked Ziti, One Dish Chicken and Bows, Baked Mac and Cheese, and Jambalaya. I set out with my list in hand yesterday afternoon to get my groceries. I hit Aldi with the goal to get most of my shopping done there. $89 later I had purchased a majority of my items needed plus a few extras, including a new reusable shopping bag. I then needed a few more items so I went to Price Chopper and spent another $39. I had everything to make these 5 recipes, most of which can be divided in two so I actually get 2 meals out of each recipe. I returned home proud of myself and proud of my full pantry.

This morning I attended the cost saving workshop, which energized me for my day. I started cooking at about 11:45 am. For those wondering, yes both my kids were at home, Georgia had gone down for a nap and Tristan had puzzles and coloring books at the kitchen table. By 1:30pm I had two dishes down for a total of 4 meals. I took a break to put Tristan down for his nap and feed Georgia. I was back on the cooking by 2pm. I was able to get 2 more recipes done by about 4pm. I stopped because I needed to get dinner done for tonight and the kids were ready for some mommy time. I left the Jambalaya for tomorrow. I have a total of 7 meals, one of which is going to a friend who is going to have her second baby this week. I figure I didn't do too bad for and afternoon at work. Now I will get a break from cooking, all I have to do is get a meal out of the freezer the evening before and pop it in the oven.

So this was my first adventure in make ahead cooking. If you want more info on my shopping list, what I had on hand and where my money was spent leave me a comment. I will be glad to give you all of the info.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

It's Been Busy

So the last few weeks have been super busy. I think the thing that stands out most in my mind from the last couple of weeks is the ending of my brother's marriage. This has been very hard for me, I am very sad about this. My brother has shown an amazing strength and faith during this time. I am so proud of him.
I have kind of fallen off the wagon exercise wise, but have managed to keep my diet on an ok track. Yesterday was the start of a weight loss challenge I am involved in and I am looking forward to the warmer weather. I so want to feel comfortable in a two-piece swimsuit by summer! This is a very realistic goal for myself!
Did I mention that hubby and I started FPU-Dave Ramsey's course last month? This is an amazing course that truely transforms lives. The last few weeks have been full of hope on our future. With the good there has been bad, some very tough disscussions about our finances. In the end this will make our family and marriage stronger.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

So I changed the name...

I had never been happy with my blog name. I first created it at night and wasn't very creative! So I changed it to something I felt was more appropriate!

Monday, February 9, 2009

A Good Monday!

In some ways you could look at my Monday and think I got nothing accomplished but in another way you could think I accomplished a lot! I had bigger plans for my Monday, like getting further ahead in my school work but when the day was done I didn't even touch it! I spent most of the morning on the phone making many phone calls, waiting for the trash truck to come, then immediately running outside (before it rained) to chase trashcan lids down the street. Then finally getting Miss "G" down for a nap! Yea!! I get to shower! By this time it is 11:30!! Fix Tristan lunch and play with him. Get Tristan down for a nap, feed "G." Now what to do??? I called my friend Kim. Kim is a great friend I met during the hiring process for the Sheriff's Deparment. We never thought we would be close friends! Now 6 years later we are still friends!! She moved to Texas a couple of years ago but we have managed to stay in touch and squeeze in a few visits here and there. She is the type of person who always makes you feel good about yourself. She is one of the best Christians I know and miss having her nearby....badly miss her! She is one of the least judgemental people I know! She is also a least in my opinion. She had her son about 6 months before Tristan was born...she was the second person I told when I found out I was pregnant. She is the one who encouraged me to at least give breastfeeding a shot, she is the one who encouraged me to keep pumping at work eventhough I wanted to give up and last but not least she has been there for me through many ups and downs over the last six years. Sometimes I know the important people in my life don't know how really important they are. Well Kim...this is for you!! Our conversations are precious to me!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

My hubby rocks!!

So I did get want I wanted for my birthday!! Tickets to Phantom of the Opera for March 25th! Yay!!! Hubby and I will get an awesome night out together!!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Gotta Love the Hubby

So it has been over a week since I posted...nothing too exciting to post. Anyway my 30th birthday is fast approaching. I am not dreading this birthday I am really looking forward to it. I think many people start to think they are old when it comes to turning 30, I find it really cool. The only thing I can complain about I have to really grow up now! :) Not that I haven't had to all ready! So hubby has been all secretive the last couple of weeks and it really got my interest peaked when he told me I wasn't allowed to get the mail until further notice. So out comes my dorkiness, I love getting the mail!! Sometimes it is the only time I get out of the house! Oh well, I am sure he is working along with my mom so I am sure it will be well worth it!

So I am trying to learn all these couponing tricks and Walgreens/CVS tips...if anyone knows all the tricks and would like to give me a tutorial.....please let me know!! Now off to do my mommy duties!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Life and Other Fun Stuff!

So after a super busy weekend the week starts again. Saturday night I got a short girls night out with my awesome friend Shannon and the best sister in law anyone could ask for, Jenna. We went to a wine tasting at my friend Julie's house. It was a couple of hours of good laughs and good times with some good friends and most of kids!! It wasn't a long time but enough to refresh my spirit! Sunday we had a great time visiting a church with some great friends. Sometimes it is good to see how others worship, Georgia even went to the nursery with no big issues. That is a victory in itself! We were also able to join the Wii generation on Sunday. I feel like a child trapped in a 30 year olds body when playing video games! It is a fun activity for us to do, Clay and I laughed a lot! So in buying the Wii I spent money on something I wanted, but something I could enjoy with my family. So I guess that is a small victory for myself. My birthday is another story...I still can't decide! Another evening gone, another workout accomplished. I am still up way too late but this is the only way to get time for myself!

Friday, January 16, 2009

What happens when you think too much!

So the wonderful hubby and I start talking about what we are going to do with the remaining weekends he has off and the topic of my birthday came up. He really was just wanting to know what I wanted to do for my birthday but me, in all my greatness, couldn't come up with a single thing. Why is it I am so good about coming up with things for others but when it comes to myself I am completely incompetent? It is like with Christmas money, I would rather spend it on someone else than myself. I have spent more of my gift money on my kids than myself. Why is it so hard for me to do for myself? I knew as a parent you tend to become less selfish but I am afraid I have gone to far in the other direction. I have a hard time handing that dough over for something I don't "need." I really need to start doing for myself more and it doesn't have to take money. I really need to come up with something I really want to do for my birthday. The only thing I asked for, gift wise, was tickets to Phantom. Not sure that will happen but I can hope. I used to love to be the center of attention but now I would rather just stay in the crowd. Is this just one of the transitions as you grow up/older? Who knows...why can't I just come up with something to do for my really isn't that hard! Is it? Suggestions welcome! :)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Better Days

So after leaving the stress of last weekend behind me I was energized for a new week! Yesterday was great because I started off the day with a long overdue visit from a great friend. She is the perfect mix of suburban housewife and environmentally savvy cool chick!! This is the friend that got me into cloth diapering. I truly wish I could do many of the things she does! She has inspired me to start trying to eliminate many of the processed foods from our diet. So I guess that is a late start resolution. Then last night we got to have dinner with some long time friends, what joy there is when getting a table at a restaurant and the kids outnumber the adults. "T" was just happy to see "Lnly"!! Days like yesterday just remind me of the great simple things in life. Tonight we had a great dinner that I had actually cooked yesterday. It was so simple but so good even Clay was already asking for it again. All it takes is chicken, rotel and black beans. Throw in the crockpot and you have a great dinner. Thanks "S"!! So on to the rest of the week and keeping life simple!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Last two days..hard decisions.

So I am still fighting this cold, it is really knocking me out. It is so frustrating because I just want to lay in bed but that is not an option. Adding to not feeling well I had to work. So back in September my wonderful brother let me know about a great part-time job opening at Dillons, he is an assistant store manager. It was as a loss prevention officer, decent pay, set my own schedule. I filled out an application back in the middle of September. Almost two months pass and the person filling the position calls and wants to know if I am still interested, I hesitantly say yes. Finally after many different delays I start working last Friday. It was just for 5 hours but "G" wasn't a happy camper and didn't really eat the entire time I was gone. Fast forward to this Friday, I worked for 8 hours..."G" doesn't eat the entire time I am gone and cries for 4 hours!

Today I work again only for 6 hours, she isn't as bad but still doesn't eat well and just generally unhappy. I am so conflicted, I really wanted to help out my family but not at the expense of my children and husband's happiness. I feel bad that 4 months has been put into this process but the delays weren't my fault. I hate being in a position like this. I know what my heart says but sometimes I am unwilling to fully commit. What to do, What to do! I never thought I would be the stay at home mom, but I really feel like home is where I should be, it has become a part of who I am. I don't feel good about what I am doing when I am working.

As for my diet and exercise the last two days...haha!! I have walked a lot, ran a little and had my heart rate up but not because of a workout. I really don't feel good about that, I was really happy about my progress this week. Oh well...on to next week!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Better Day

Even though I woke up feeling pretty crappy I made the best of it. I got some school work done thanks to my lovely little boy be much more cooperative today! I managed to eat fairly well, drink some water (when I don't feel well carbonated drinks make my throat feel better) and even managed a workout. I was happy to find an OK dessert from Sonic, not great but something I don't feel to bad about. So overall a good day. Tomorrow...a different story. I am starting my part-time job and will be gone for eight hours +!! I haven't ever been away from Miss "G" for that long. It will be a good test for me and daddy!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Day Three...not so good.

Ok, so day three didn't turn out to be great. First I wake up to my still sick hubby...the stupid stomach bug. I never really did go back to sleep after that. Next I wake up to a cranky baby and 2.5 year old. Yay!! So my day started great! Oh, did I mention I woke up feeling like complete crud. I did manage to eat kind of ok today but whenever I feel sick I feed that sickness. Oh well there is always tomorrow. Then there is the 2.5 year old...I love that kid more than anything but anyone who has kids will feel my pain. He was just in one of those moods today...didn't want to do anything he was asked/told. We had many timeouts today!! Then to top it all off my loveable little boy decided he wanted to use his potty, in the living room with the two kids I watch in the afternoon here. Not wanting to discourage him, I gave in. Next thing I know he has taken off all his clothes and last his diaper. Yes, the two year old girl I watch thought this was quite funny, I was horrified! He proceeded to sit on his potty, never did go though. So I decided to try and get clothes on this kid. I began chasing him all over the house with diaper and clothes in hand, all the while the two kids I watch are laughing. I catch him and he squirms and wiggles making it very difficult to get him dressed, I finally succeed in getting a diaper on him, I decide this is enough. Sitting on the floor after all this it finally hits me how crappy I really feel, my whole body aches, head feels like a thousand pounds and I can't breath. There will be no workout tonight...I am going to attempt to go to bed earlier than normal. Chasing a two year old can count as a workout right? So will jump back on the wagon tomorrow! Not that I really ever fell off, just a bit of a detour.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Two Days in a Row!

Yay for me!! I did my other workout dvd tonight! It was great!! Now I am going to try and do both tomorrow!! Oh by the way....I HURT!! I knew I was out of shape but come on!! It hurts to sit, but hopefully that hurt will turn in to one awesome booty!! Now off to bed....still need to get my beauty sleep!

Day Two

So we had a home visit from parents as teachers today. I always love when she comes because she confirms we are doing a good job as parents, which sometimes I wonder if I am doing as good of job as I should. Tristan loves when she comes because she always brings great toys. We got into a good conversation about parenting. Most of it was about how we grow as parents and keep learning along the way. It is so true! I love the confidence her visits bring to me and my parenting. The day kept getting better!! Great news for great friends always puts a smile on my face. I wish I would have gotten more school work accomplished but it will come in time.
By the way...the workout dvd I did last night kicked my butt!! I knew I was out of shape but come least the soreness lets me know I am doing good for myself. Lastly, whoever thought leftover sugar cookies were a good idea was wrong!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

The Start

Ok, so it just occured to me that all these thoughts running through my head on a daily basis might be good to get out. In one month I will be turning 30, ugh! Not that I think 30 is old by any stretch but I think it has kind of snuck up on me. I ran into a former co-worker tonight, someone who has much more life experience than myself. We worked together at my high school job, it has been almost 13 years since I first met her. It got me thinking, at 17 years old where did I think I would be at by 30? Where did I think I would be...have I accomplished what I thought I would? In some ways I think I have done more, I have a wonderful husband who I have been married to for 8 years and 2 of the best kids anyone could ask for. I get to stay home, for the most part, and raise my kids. I have been truly blessed! Sometimes I feel something is missing....that is me. I am nowhere near the person I was...back in the day! I have let myself go. I used to take pride in me and I have let that go by the wayside. My goal for 30 is to get myself back. I have said many times, "this is it, I am going to start working out and eating right," and just as many times I haven't stuck with it. I am just average in my mind and I am no longer content with just being average. I want to be spectacular. I read a blog posted by a good friend of mine, it was more than a blog about her weightloss journey, it was about finding herself. She will be my inspiration and if she will allow I will post her blog. So here it the best of myself 2009-----I turn 30!!