Wednesday, February 18, 2009

So I changed the name...

I had never been happy with my blog name. I first created it at night and wasn't very creative! So I changed it to something I felt was more appropriate!

Monday, February 9, 2009

A Good Monday!

In some ways you could look at my Monday and think I got nothing accomplished but in another way you could think I accomplished a lot! I had bigger plans for my Monday, like getting further ahead in my school work but when the day was done I didn't even touch it! I spent most of the morning on the phone making many phone calls, waiting for the trash truck to come, then immediately running outside (before it rained) to chase trashcan lids down the street. Then finally getting Miss "G" down for a nap! Yea!! I get to shower! By this time it is 11:30!! Fix Tristan lunch and play with him. Get Tristan down for a nap, feed "G." Now what to do??? I called my friend Kim. Kim is a great friend I met during the hiring process for the Sheriff's Deparment. We never thought we would be close friends! Now 6 years later we are still friends!! She moved to Texas a couple of years ago but we have managed to stay in touch and squeeze in a few visits here and there. She is the type of person who always makes you feel good about yourself. She is one of the best Christians I know and miss having her nearby....badly miss her! She is one of the least judgemental people I know! She is also a least in my opinion. She had her son about 6 months before Tristan was born...she was the second person I told when I found out I was pregnant. She is the one who encouraged me to at least give breastfeeding a shot, she is the one who encouraged me to keep pumping at work eventhough I wanted to give up and last but not least she has been there for me through many ups and downs over the last six years. Sometimes I know the important people in my life don't know how really important they are. Well Kim...this is for you!! Our conversations are precious to me!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

My hubby rocks!!

So I did get want I wanted for my birthday!! Tickets to Phantom of the Opera for March 25th! Yay!!! Hubby and I will get an awesome night out together!!