Wednesday, April 22, 2009

So a little more info...

So every marriage goes through its ups and downs. This happens to be a down time for us...probably the lowest we have ever had. So in hopes of getting us back on track I am doing The Love Dare. For those who saw Fireproof know what I am talking about for those who have not seen it I would suggest it. Yes, some of the acting and action is a bit cheesy but the message is a very good one. The Love Dare is a 40 day dare to improve your marriage. It is intense but I think will be worth it in the end. So I started the dare a few days ago, tomorrow will be day 5 but I decided that wasn't enough, I needed to do a bit more for myself. I have started, what I am calling the 40/140's challenge. While I am completing The Love Dare I am also going to get my weight back into the 140's.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

So I took the dare....

So I took the dare in hopes to make things better. As of day 3.....I see why people quit. No matter what others think, my heart is completely in it. He may not see it now but hopefully in the end he will.

Friday, April 10, 2009

What's holding you back......

So I have fallen off the wagon lately, actually it has been more like the last month and a half. I have been thinking over the last couple of days what exactly has been holding me back. People can come up with all kinds of excuses for why they don't stick to a healthy eating plan or workout plan. So I had to figure out what was holding me back so I could address it. First I think it is some body image issues. I know I am much better off than many but it could be a lot better. I think it finally hit me when I was trying to get ready to go to Phantom of the Opera with hubby. The weather was much cooler than I had hoped it would be so the outfit I was comfortable with wasn't going to work. I stressed for the afternoon about what to wear and was generally unhappy...that was until hubby said something...he told me I was too hard on myself, it had only been 8 months since having Georgia and that I looked so much better than I give myself credit for. We had a great evening...but I really need to keep his comments in mind. I can only loose weight for myself and no one else. Second thing holding me back is a loss. Since the weather started to cool off last fall my sister in law and I had talked about looking forward to Spring so we could walk/run together. We had planned to do a 5K, I was still working on convincing her to run it, but we were going to do it together. the end of February I learned that my sister in law was no longer going to be that. Her and my brother we splitting up. I think this affected me more than I have wanted to admit. We had a very good relationship and she was the closest I had ever had to having a sister. I was hurt and sad. I think I have needed time to heal. Again the lesson learned losing weight and getting healthy has to be about yourself and no one else.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Crazy Weekend/Week

So we have made it to Friday again. It seems as though the week has flown by. Monday my baby boy turned 3, I can't believe it has been three years already. We had a party for him on Sunday. Also on Sunday we had our little girl baptized. The crazy weather on Saturday prevented some family from making it but overall it was a great day. We spent the rest of the week hanging out with the family. My frozen meals really came in handy this week. We used some the meals for quick easy meals! My mom was very impressed! So we have spent the last two days getting back on track and organized again. I getting ready to plan my next cooking day in the next week or two.