Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ramblings about life

When did being an adult become so complicated??  Yes I know we have to deal with all the "adult" things of this life but when did just everyday life become so complicated.  I think its the drama of the playground!  Growing up is supposed to be the hard part.  The part where you find yourself and learn to be secure in who you are.  Is the day of age of Twitter, Facebook and all other social media caused us as mother's to become insecure about what we are doing as parents.

 Seeing what everyone else is doing activites and such can cause a lot of insecurities.....at least for me and that is hard for me to admit.  I think I am good at pretending to be all confident and put together but really it is hard sometimes to keep your head up sometimes.  I wonder why am I not that mom that everyone else thinks of first when they want to make a trip to the park or anyother activity, seeing everyone else be that mom is hard.  It makes you wonder if you did something wrong to not be the one everyone thinks of.  It makes me wonder if people just put on a front with me.  Who are your true friends.  I just want that group of friends that I can always count on to think of me.  I get people telling me that I am thoughtful and always try to include everyone but why do I feel that same thoughfulness is lost on me sometimes.

I think social media has made many women/moms become insecure in their own bodies.  Yes, Hollywood has made women have a unrealistic expectation of who they are supposed to be.  Have a baby, be super skinny in just weeks, have another baby, be super skinny again and the cycle repeats.  Be dressed and all done up no matter what you are doing.  Feed your kids the perfect meal at every meal.  Have perfectly behaved kids at all times.  Where are all the real women, the ones who are lucky to have gotten a shower each day, house is cluttered and dishes in the sink.  We get all these images slammed in our face multiple times a day and the subtle idea that you are not a "real" woman or mom if you are not perfect.  Be healthy and take care of yourself.  Healthy means many different things to different people.  Find your healthy place whatever it may be and don't apologize or feel bad if it isn't the same place as someone else.

Then there is religion.  I will flat out say I am a Christian, I can remember the day exactly when I as a teenager chose to live my life for Christ.  I can also say I am not perfect and I have made my mistakes but that is ok.  I don't expect anyone to live just like I do but I don't judge them for they way they choose to live.  There are so many people out there saying you have to live a certain way or you are not living a life for Christ and that is just not right!  Live your life the best way you can and honor God while doing it.....that is all.

I am who I am, I refuse to make any excuses for who I am.  My kids may not be perfect but they are loved and they love life.  I have a husband who works harder than any man I know to provide for his family.  A man who reads his Bible almost every night before bed, prays with his children and I wouldn't trade him for anything.  I refuse to pretend to be someone or something I am not.  I will not apologize for what I feed my kids, what activities I choose or don't choose to have them involved in.  Life is too short.

In the end life is too short and fragile.  Be who you are and be happy.