Friday, March 27, 2009

Kudos to the Hubby!

So about 6 months ago or so I started the adventure of cloth diapering. It has been a learning process that my husband was not interested in at all. I was fine with that since I am home with the kids most of the time. I do not have much of a "stash" actually I have to do diaper laundry every night right now. I am ok with that because I love the cloth and it is so much better on my daughter's sensitive skin. So last night I pulled the pail out my daughter's room when she went to bed with the intention of starting laundry right away. I got distracted and forgot. By 11pm I was very tired but then realized I didn't have my diapers washing. I was bummed but went to put them in for their first soak. Then surprisingly hubby asked what else needed to be done. He was going to stay up so he offered to finish the diapers for me!! I gave him the instructions and woke up to nice clean diapers. That is a big step for him! He also "changed" a cloth diaper last night. He took the cloth off and put a disposable on for night time. He left the cloth for me to take care of but I was happy with that! I might convert him yet!


  1. yey! I made the switch to cloth last Spring- Emily got me started on it. We had 2 in diapers at the time, so it was a huge help on saving money! I only wish I had started cloth diapering when we had our first 2 in diapers rather than waiting until our 3rd. and 4th. kiddos.