Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Pioneer Woman

So my friend Julie and I decided to check out this book signing thing that involved probably one of our favorite people! The Pioneer Woman. I found her blog months ago through another blog, then became a fan on Facebook where Julie found her and became as obsessed as I am! So we hurried down to the Plaza after Julie got off work. It was a rainy, cold night but our spirits were not dampened. We got to our seats about 6:15pm and our wait began!

Then right on time she appeared! She was gracious as she answered all types of questions from people who were there to see her. Everything from her favorite pan, to what homeschooling curriculum she uses. Then after giving away some prizes, which of course I didn't win any, but that is ok because that is not why I was there, she began signing books. It was done by number, Julie and I were numbers 635 and 636! Yes we were in for a long wait, and wait we did. While we waited we watched her wonderful boys play and have fun just as little boys do.

While we waited we got the chance to have her husband, known as the Marlboro Man, sign our books and take a quick picture. He was friendly and gracious! Then we waited some more............finally they called for our group, around 11:00pm!

She was so friendly and welcoming, even at 11:30 pm! She looked beautiful in her dark purple velvet jacket! Thank you so much for coming to Kansas City and giving this stay at home momma a Girls Night Out that was much needed. The t-shirt was a great bonus!


  1. It was a great evening! I love reading everyone else's accounts too!

  2. Oh, I'm the most jealous of all!! I'm all the way down in Mexico!! =( I love the fact that she stayed gracious all night long... and that MM signed books also to those who were waiting... My brother and SIL are in US right now and I asked them to bring me a copy of her book!!! Can't wait! I'm sooo excited!!

  3. Oh, and that T-shirt... gosh!!