Thursday, December 24, 2009

White Christmas

How often do we wish for a white Christmas? I think every year as a child you wish for a beautiful coat of snow on the ground to go out and play in! Well.......this year we are getting that childhood wish and then some! My area has a blizzard warning for the first time in almost 30 years! I am sitting here, sporting some awesome Santa Footie PJ's ( thanks Dad!) trying to make sense of this strange Christmas Eve.

1.) This year my husband has to work, for the first time with kids. We had both worked Christmas in the past when we didn't have kids but this year is different, we have had to alter our plans to work with his schedule. This schedule includes him having to be at work at 2am, in a blizzard!
2.) Due to this crazy weather we missed Christmas Eve service. I don't remember ever missing Christmas Eve service, ever! We missed due to hubby's long trek home from work and not really wanting to get the kids out in the nasty weather.
3.) No family on Christmas Eve, this is another first! The weather kept mom, her husband and brother in Lawrence.

So I have spent my evening watching movies and reading books with the kids. Once I got the kids in bed I started cooking. Not that I will be pressed for time tomorrow but more so because I have had all this extra time tonight. So as I have finished my "duties" for tonight I pray for all those working in this weather. I am thankful for those who sacrifice time with their families to do the jobs many don't want to do. I will be nervous as my husband heads out in about an hour to work for 12 hours in this weather and I am glad I am tucked safely away, in my house, wearing these crazy Santa footie PJ's!

Merry Christmas to all and to all a Goodnight!

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  1. That kind of sounds like our Christmas Eve too. We did make it to church but probably shouldn't have. Glad to see you blogging every once in awhile!