Thursday, May 26, 2011

Blog Redo

Ok, so I totally let this blog go a long time ago but shortly after that last post my life got turned upside down so here is the story of my life since then! #3!!  Shortly after Christmas 2009 we got the surprise of our lives...I was pregnant!  Though completely unplanned he is such a joy in our life and I couldn't imagine my life without him. 

It was a huge adjustment for me.  I was so settled into being a mom of 2, I had lots of plans that didn't involve a third baby!  Plus my "current" baby wasn't walking yet and was still nursing twice a day!  Then there was the realization that....I had no idea how far along I was.  I had gotten bad about keeping track of stuff and just knew that it had been quite awhile! Then there was the funny part....I had just a week earlier called my doctor for a change in birth control because I had planned to stop nursing my daughter by the end of January, so when I called to get an appointment they all got a good laugh!  But as I soon realized this was the perfect plan set in place by God.  A few weeks later a good friend and I, our daughters are the same age, were having a playdate and I had decided to share my news with her.  After I blurted out my news she looked at me in disbelief and just sputtered out "So am I!"  We then laughed and figured out we were due within a week of eachother.  The next few months were pretty typical.  The summer was spent hanging out at the pool, working a temporary position at a local home improvment retailer and biggest of all.....finishing the basement.  Oh and in the middle of this....just right at a year ago.....hubby had emergency surgery to remove his gall bladder!  Then on September 3rd our 3rd blessing, a second boy was born.  We have a had great last year or so.  We are so blessed!  We have had our ups and downs but we are blessed.

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