Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Better Days

So after leaving the stress of last weekend behind me I was energized for a new week! Yesterday was great because I started off the day with a long overdue visit from a great friend. She is the perfect mix of suburban housewife and environmentally savvy cool chick!! This is the friend that got me into cloth diapering. I truly wish I could do many of the things she does! She has inspired me to start trying to eliminate many of the processed foods from our diet. So I guess that is a late start resolution. Then last night we got to have dinner with some long time friends, what joy there is when getting a table at a restaurant and the kids outnumber the adults. "T" was just happy to see "Lnly"!! Days like yesterday just remind me of the great simple things in life. Tonight we had a great dinner that I had actually cooked yesterday. It was so simple but so good even Clay was already asking for it again. All it takes is chicken, rotel and black beans. Throw in the crockpot and you have a great dinner. Thanks "S"!! So on to the rest of the week and keeping life simple!

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