Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Day Two

So we had a home visit from parents as teachers today. I always love when she comes because she confirms we are doing a good job as parents, which sometimes I wonder if I am doing as good of job as I should. Tristan loves when she comes because she always brings great toys. We got into a good conversation about parenting. Most of it was about how we grow as parents and keep learning along the way. It is so true! I love the confidence her visits bring to me and my parenting. The day kept getting better!! Great news for great friends always puts a smile on my face. I wish I would have gotten more school work accomplished but it will come in time.
By the way...the workout dvd I did last night kicked my butt!! I knew I was out of shape but come on.....at least the soreness lets me know I am doing good for myself. Lastly, whoever thought leftover sugar cookies were a good idea was wrong!!

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