Friday, January 16, 2009

What happens when you think too much!

So the wonderful hubby and I start talking about what we are going to do with the remaining weekends he has off and the topic of my birthday came up. He really was just wanting to know what I wanted to do for my birthday but me, in all my greatness, couldn't come up with a single thing. Why is it I am so good about coming up with things for others but when it comes to myself I am completely incompetent? It is like with Christmas money, I would rather spend it on someone else than myself. I have spent more of my gift money on my kids than myself. Why is it so hard for me to do for myself? I knew as a parent you tend to become less selfish but I am afraid I have gone to far in the other direction. I have a hard time handing that dough over for something I don't "need." I really need to start doing for myself more and it doesn't have to take money. I really need to come up with something I really want to do for my birthday. The only thing I asked for, gift wise, was tickets to Phantom. Not sure that will happen but I can hope. I used to love to be the center of attention but now I would rather just stay in the crowd. Is this just one of the transitions as you grow up/older? Who knows...why can't I just come up with something to do for my really isn't that hard! Is it? Suggestions welcome! :)


  1. That happened to me, too when I became a mom. It's funny because - although I'm being much MORE selfLESS, I feel so much more selfISH because I want to have something to myself!

    The best thing I've ever done is starting running... because then? I'm focusing on myself, spending time with myself, and improving myself! And I can justify it by saying that I'm taking care of myself so that I can be around more for my family.

    Ahh... but you asked for birthday ideas. I have no ideas there! Definitely consider ditching the kids overnight if you can. Go to dinner and a movie or something... but ditch the kids if you have that as an option!

  2. You and Clay should have a night out to yourselves. Go downtown or to the plaza. Just have FUN!!!

    Jenna not Rickie haha

  3. I am all for the Phantom tickets. I say you just order them and tell whoever is going with you that this is what you really wanted and would they like to celebrate your life with you? It is okay and much needed to honor yourself with small things.