Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Day Three...not so good.

Ok, so day three didn't turn out to be great. First I wake up to my still sick hubby...the stupid stomach bug. I never really did go back to sleep after that. Next I wake up to a cranky baby and 2.5 year old. Yay!! So my day started great! Oh, did I mention I woke up feeling like complete crud. I did manage to eat kind of ok today but whenever I feel sick I feed that sickness. Oh well there is always tomorrow. Then there is the 2.5 year old...I love that kid more than anything but anyone who has kids will feel my pain. He was just in one of those moods today...didn't want to do anything he was asked/told. We had many timeouts today!! Then to top it all off my loveable little boy decided he wanted to use his potty, in the living room with the two kids I watch in the afternoon here. Not wanting to discourage him, I gave in. Next thing I know he has taken off all his clothes and last his diaper. Yes, the two year old girl I watch thought this was quite funny, I was horrified! He proceeded to sit on his potty, never did go though. So I decided to try and get clothes on this kid. I began chasing him all over the house with diaper and clothes in hand, all the while the two kids I watch are laughing. I catch him and he squirms and wiggles making it very difficult to get him dressed, I finally succeed in getting a diaper on him, I decide this is enough. Sitting on the floor after all this it finally hits me how crappy I really feel, my whole body aches, head feels like a thousand pounds and I can't breath. There will be no workout tonight...I am going to attempt to go to bed earlier than normal. Chasing a two year old can count as a workout right? So will jump back on the wagon tomorrow! Not that I really ever fell off, just a bit of a detour.

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