Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Life and Other Fun Stuff!

So after a super busy weekend the week starts again. Saturday night I got a short girls night out with my awesome friend Shannon and the best sister in law anyone could ask for, Jenna. We went to a wine tasting at my friend Julie's house. It was a couple of hours of good laughs and good times with some good friends and most of all...no kids!! It wasn't a long time but enough to refresh my spirit! Sunday we had a great time visiting a church with some great friends. Sometimes it is good to see how others worship, Georgia even went to the nursery with no big issues. That is a victory in itself! We were also able to join the Wii generation on Sunday. I feel like a child trapped in a 30 year olds body when playing video games! It is a fun activity for us to do, Clay and I laughed a lot! So in buying the Wii I spent money on something I wanted, but something I could enjoy with my family. So I guess that is a small victory for myself. My birthday is another story...I still can't decide! Another evening gone, another workout accomplished. I am still up way too late but this is the only way to get time for myself!

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